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My beautiful tree

This copse of trees was listed with individual TPOs at the start of November 2021. The council clearfelled two trees - a healthy ash, about fifty years old, and a less healthy Swedish beam of the same age. These were both chipped and the TPO tag from one of the trees is included. Following a complaint over the felling of a healthy ash tree that had a TPO the council replied that it was a 150 year old tree and badly diseased. The TPO listings were removed for the entire copse of trees sometime over the first weekend in November.

Idiots with expensive saws

 What's left now


It's only a TPOd tree

 TPOd tree stump

Was a TPO site

Upper left photo shows a TPO lime tree beside the Wset Road, Newcastle. It is listed as " " and has a floodlight for the adjacent car wash nailed to it. The picture above is the stump of a very old ash tree, also beside the West Road, Newcastle. This had early dieback but was mostly healthy. Felled. The photo on the lower left shows a copse of TPOd trees cleared for a building project that was later abandoned. This is listed as " " and is now gone. In each cast the city's Tree Protection Orders have been breached (once by the council itself) and in no case was any action taken.


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